working png output from graphing modules

Robin Becker robin at
Tue Sep 23 08:08:21 CEST 2003

In article <983dac9b.0309221905.1960cf02 at>, john
<johnlichtenstein at> writes
>Are there any charting or graphing modules for python that can write
>PNG, JPEG, or GIF graphics? I have found a couple of nice looking
>packages that can make beautiful postscript, PDF, or SVGs (PyChart and
>ReportLab) but they can't make PNGs, GIFs, or JPEGs. (On my Solaris
>machine with Python 2.2 they don't.) Or are there any simple UNIX
>filters to convert SVG, PDF, or ps files to PNG?
ReportLab certainly makes png/gif/jpeg, but only if you build the
_renderPM extension and also PIL. I know that's possible with solaris 8
as I have done it myself, but haven't done much with later versions.
There's also a requirement to get appropriate T1 font files.
Robin Becker

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