PIL: Group4 Tiff Images

Doug Tolton (format t "~a@~a~a.~a" "dtolton" "ya" "hoo" "com")
Fri Sep 26 21:18:17 CEST 2003

On Fri, 26 Sep 2003 17:56:47 GMT, max <max at nospam.com> wrote:

>Doug Tolton wrote:
>> I have been able to load a group4 tif into the wxImage class, but I
>> get tag errors when attempting to do so.
>> Is there a better way of working with Group4 Tiffs?  I have a huge
>> volume of Tiffs and decompressing them isn't a good option for me.
>> Any ideas on the best way to tackle this problem?
>many :)
>I don't know where PIL stands on TIFF, but almost all C-based libraries 
>rely on libtiff package in the end. Depending on how it is compiled you 
>will get different results for TIFFs with nonstandard tags (which is 
>probably your case). If you are willing to tinker you can recompile wx's 
>version of libtiff. Also, how about reporting to the PIL people? G4 is 
>the most popular tiff codec, they would want to know if it's broken. 
>What are you doing with all those tiffs anyway?
>BTW, you did a nice job obfuscating your email, but it is plaintext in 
>the header - you have to reconfigure you mailer to hide it...

I will send an e-mail to the PIL folks.  I've been quite suprised
because in looking through the code it looks like they have Group4
tiff support.

I did find that using wxImage there is a scale function, so I'll play
around with that and see if it meets my needs.

How do the headers come through now?  I think I set them the same as
my sig e-mail.

Doug Tolton
(format t "~a@~a~a.~a" "dtolton" "ya" "hoo" "com")

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