Mutable strings

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Sep 22 03:31:48 CEST 2003

Gordon Airport wrote:
> Peter Hansen wrote:
> snip good points that I suspect could be handled with a fairly simple
> regex

I'd argue the point, but I guess until you try it, we'll never know. <wink>

> > It might be worth your writing a PEP, however, if only so that the
> > idea could be killed and buried for good. ;-)
> Yeah, I didn't see one already but I kind of expected this response.
> Still, it didn't put a stake in the heart of the ternary operator
> issue.

Apparently it served its purpose quite well.  The main problem before
the PEP and vote was that there was no PEP to point to when somebody
asked about it, so you could say "asked and answered... will not happen".

Now there is, and the few times the issue has come up since, someone
has fairly quickly pointed to the PEP each time, avoiding lengthier


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