Any tools to print source code call hierarchy

John J. Lee jjl at
Mon Sep 8 01:21:57 CEST 2003

Scott Chapman <scott_list at> writes:
> I need a tool that will go through a python module (ClientForm in this case) 
> and allow me to specify a starting module to parse and tell me what all it 
> uses.
> What I'm trying to do is to take ClientForm apart enough to pull out just the 
> html form parsing code in it and use it elsewhere.  It would be MUCH easier 
> when approaching someone elses code if I could see what all functions are 
> called by a given function, etc.

In the absence of that, you could try just asking me.  :-)

_FormParser is it, really.  What exactly did you want to do?

As for the general question: I only glanced at the other replies, but
have you tried etags?  Or for something in a single source file, as in
this case, why not just incremental search or other simple editor
commands?  It's true a bit of knowledge of common dynamic Python
idioms is valuable here, though.


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