Win32 documentation in CHM?

Jussi Jumppanen jussij at
Mon Sep 1 03:37:33 CEST 2003

Robin Becker wrote:
> In article Tim Peters writes
> .....
> > You cannot have used a properly constructed .chm file and seriously 
> > question whether it's more searchable. Of course it is, including 
> > seemingly instantaneous Boolean, proximity, wildcard, and similarity 
> > searches, across the entire doc set with one query. 
> amazingly I still disagree, somehow I still prefer the html files.
> Perhaps I just hate IE.

The CHM search-abilty is definitely a plus, but I am also have my
resivations. In fact I think the WinHelp file format was a much 
better help system. The WinHelp view was much faster loading, less 
likely to crash and also just as easily searched. The original 
HtmlHelp viewer was a real step backwards in comparison.

Grnated, the newer versions of the HTML viewer are more stable, but 
they are still very demanding in terms of system memory. Try using
the Microsoft MSDN and watch your system grind to a halt :(

Even today the Zeus Quick Help keywords searching is still a lot 
faster if the source of the keyword is a WinHelp file compared to 
a HtmlHelp file.

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