pygtk clist usage

Ted Holden medved at
Wed Sep 10 08:50:30 CEST 2003

David M. Cook wrote:

> In article <vFqdnf3p0PyDIcOiXTWJhw at>, Ted Holden wrote:
>> If anybody has any sort of a clue as to how to use a clist generated by
>> glade as a list, the 'GtkList' changed to 'GtkClist' by hand, and add
>> input strings using 'append' and end up seeing more than just the first
>> character of each line, I'd appreciate hearing from them.
> Sounds like you are appending a string instead of a list of strings.

> BTW, CList is deprecated (meaning it will go away in the next major gtk
> release).  ListStore/TreeView can be a bit hard to make the transition to,
> though, as the documentation is rather scattered and fragmentary.  Best
> sources of info are

Thanks!  I'd gotten the thing to work using brackets around the strings and
was too sleepy to figure out why.  Every other programming system I've ever
dealth with uses strings with append statements in listboxes and I end up
just guessing a lot with pygtk.  The best info I'd been able to dig up on
listboxes was that list was deprecated in favor of clist.  Documentation
for pygtk generally appears less than paper thin;  if I can find any
documentation for liststore I'll try to use it...

The combination of c++, swig, python, pygtk, and zope looks like a
potentially winning ticket for the future of software development, but the
components will have to get easier to use somehow or other. 

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