Compiling informxidb-1.3 on python2.2?

Robin Munn rmunn at
Tue Sep 23 19:09:13 CEST 2003

Mike S. <msajec at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Has anyone had success compiling the informixdb-1.3 module under
> python 2.2?  It seems the absense of in python 2.2
> causes the break under py2.2. Is there an easy way around this.  I've
> heard rumors of a manual method, but have been unable to track down
> details.  Any help is very much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike

Here's the step-by-step notes I wrote for myself when I had to do
exactly that back in May:

Steps in installing the informixdb module:

1. Download informixdb source from
2. Untar, run configure
3. Edit ext/Makefile: change CFLAGS (line 100) to include
4. Cd into ext directory
5. Run "esql" to generate _informix.c file
6. Cd back into parent directory
7. Run make
8. Copy and ext/ into

I hope this helps. I did this install on a Red Hat machine that had the
Informix SDK installed, so I had the esql command available. If you
don't have esql available, then I'm not sure what you'll need to do.

Good luck!

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