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Trent Mick trentm at
Tue Sep 30 20:10:28 CEST 2003

[Daniel Klein wrote]
> I don't want to get into a 'which IDE is the best' conversation. I'm
> looking for an IDE that has the ability to view 2 (or more)
> methods/functions within the same module simultaneously.
> I've looked at the screen shots for Komodo, Wing, BlackAdder, etc and
> it is not obvious that any of them have this feature.
> This is something I got use to in Smalltalk and have found it quite
> useful when working on several methods that work closely together.


You can do this in Komodo 2.5 (recently released) with "split view":
    - open your file
    - right-click on the tab and select "Split View"

The screen shot on this page shows an example of "dlg_tcl_check.tcl"
being shown in split view:

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