Python Documentation?

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at
Mon Sep 1 07:13:30 CEST 2003

> For functions and whatnot, there's the index of the Library 
> Reference, <>.

Does anyone else wish that there was a link to this from the Global Module
Index (gmi)?  The second most common (after the gmi) thing that I do when
looking through the docs (a local copy) is go to the gmi, then to any random
module, then click the index link in the header.  Removing the gmi step
would be great.

Ok, yes, I could just have a bookmark.  But the space is already there, and
it would make the pages more consistent (the toc link could be there too,
although I never use it)...

I can submit a patch/feature request if anyone else agrees that this would
be a good thing.

=Tony Meyer

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