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> > Well, as far as Python itself is concerned, it'd go a long way in
> > eliminating the hideously baroque and increasingly brittle OO model it
> I find it especially hard to find the enthusiasm to read past
> the highly inflammatory phrase "hideously baroque".  I had to
> do a double-take just to confirm that the poster is indeed
> talking about Python.

Compared to C++, I expect it's a real breath of fresh air. But
compared to how something like Self does OO, it is indeed hideously

> If you think it's baroque**, say so.  Adding "hideous" just tells us
> you are already highly biased against Python and poisons anything
> else you were about to say...

Oh, puh-leez. Now I'll not take you to task for such a dopey comment
this time around 'cos I'm not a regular here and I'm a right bugger to
Google for by my initials, so it's hard to figure out exactly who I
am. But let me remedy this by providing my web address so you can go
check my credentials:

If you still want to accuse me of such childish nonsense afterwards,
bring barbeque sauce. :)

> ** Please double-check the definition of "baroque" that you are
> using as well.  

"Feature-encrusted; complex; gaudy; verging on excessive."

> Terms more like "elegant" and "simple" have come to mind, however,
> which is quite at odds with your perception.  Strange, that.

Yes it is. However, I got my observation skills from several years'
art school training, so I don't think the fault lies there. I may not
have the formal CS training and deep programming knowledge and
experience that many folks here have, but neither am I burdened by the
religous and political baggage that all too often seems to accompany

Oh, and another skill I've learn is saying exactly what I think, and
being none too shy about how I say it. Just so you know.  :)

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