How to kill a SocketServer?

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Mon Apr 12 23:15:58 CEST 2004

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 "Jean-Pierre Bergamin" <james at> wrote:

> ... The problem is the following:
> The server waits for a connection and it calls in
> SocketServer.TCPServer.handle_request() the function self.socket.accept().
> This call blocks until a connections is made.
> I have no chance to interrupt this call. I also tried:
> def stop_server:
>     self.socket.shutdown(2)
>     self.socket.close()
>     self.run_me = False
> The accept() call still won't get interrupted. :-(
> Other ideas?

I seem to recall a very similar question last week, so you
might look around to see what answers that one got.  There
was at least one that proposed a connection to the service.
That makes a lot of sense to me, especially if you're in a
position to change the service protocol if necessary.

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