ANN: YahooQuote module

David McNab david at
Thu Apr 15 11:27:44 CEST 2004

Announcing YahooQuote, probably the easiest and most convenient API for 
downloading (and caching) stockmarket prices off the internet.

I know it's not the first python module for pulling yahoo stockmarket 

It's not even original code - the fetching/caching/parsing engine is 
ripped verbatim (under the GPL) from Rimon Barr's 'pyq' utility. I've 
just wrapped it into some cushy high-level classes.

But I do believe it's the most natural, pythonic and easily learned API 
for accessing ticker prices, accumulating an historical database, and 
using in other python programs (eg your favourite neural net 
algorithm-du-jour for technical analysis).



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