using a USB HID device

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Thu Apr 22 18:28:26 CEST 2004

wouter at (Wouter van Ooijen ( wrote in message news:<40827ce3.1151345337 at>...
> I want to use Python to interface with an USB HID device (not a
> keyboard or mouse, just something that uses the HID driver to avoid
> the need for a specific driver). Is this possible in pure Python on
> Windows, or even better, in a portable way?
> Wouter van Ooijen
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I have been trying different approches to accessing mass storage 
flash memory cards via the SCSIPASSTHROUGH layer under windows. I was
able to issue the reduced instruction scsi command set with a windows
DeviceIoControl() call. The main problem is finding information on how
Microsoft merged the usb mass storage interface to the scsi routines.

Sam Schulenburg

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