Cross-Language Encryption: Python/Java

Daniel Orner cs993442 at
Thu Apr 29 19:03:43 CEST 2004


	I'm working on a project that consists of a Java application on the 
desktop, and a server with Python CGI code. I'm trying to find an 
encryption algorithm, which would let me send encrypted information to 
the server, to work identically in both Python and Java. (I.e. which 
would let me encrypt data in Java, send it to the Python server, and 
decrypt it there.) For various reasons, I don't want to use the built-in 
Java encryption suite.
	I've found implementations of Rijndael/AES for both Java and Python, 
but the behavior is not identical (the strings that are produced are 
different). I tried porting the Python rotormodule.c to Java, but my C 
skills are not quite on the expert level, and I got bogged down trying 
to figure out which C types corresponded to Java types (and its behavior 
when casting and not casting, etc.).
	Does anyone have a good idea about what my options might be here? 
Truthfully I don't know a whole lot about encryption algorithms, so if 
you can point me to something I can adapt without having to understand 
all the niggling details, that would really be great.

	Thanks very much for your time and attention,

--Daniel Orner

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