Indent testers needed (Prothon)

Jon Perez jbperez808 at
Sat Apr 10 07:09:52 CEST 2004

Carl Banks wrote:

> Jon Perez <jbperez808 at> wrote in message news:<c55era$2p4mnp$1 at>...
>>Jacek Generowicz wrote:
>>>>Perhaps the pro-spaces people can explain how they deal
>>>>with it.
>>Asking people to stop switch away from their favorite editors
> He wasn't doing that, bub.

My point is that it is a flippant answer that really doesn't
help.  The pro-tabs people have their reasons for not liking
all spaces, and telling them that Emacs is how some of us are
able to live with all spaces achieves nothing.  I'm sure there
Emacs users who still can't get used to all-spaces as well as
pro-spaces people who don't need to use Emacs to prefer them
(like me).

I am pro all spaces, and the reason I can't stand tabs is
the fact that tab width settings are not the same across
different source code and that leads to code that's doesn't
display properly with cat (if it doesn't use 8 space tabs) or
with my default editor settings (I have to keep switching as
there's no such thing as autodetect tabwidth).

If the pro-tabs people explained to me how they deal with this,
then maybe I wouldn't so anti-tabs.  The converse applies to
them - I'd like to hear what it is about all spaces that's giving
them grief and maybe I can tell them how I deal with it (in a
non editor-specific way as much as possible).

It may not convince everyone on either side to switch religion,
but the hope is that it would make dealing with source code that
uses the opposite convention more palatable.

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