Non-math-geek needs help with CRCs (binascii.crc32)

Tim Roberts timr at
Fri Apr 9 07:30:58 CEST 2004

"nobody" <get at> wrote:
>That doesn't seem to mention anything about poly $EDB88320, which is the
>code I'm trying to a) be compatible with, b) define for future developers so
>they don't have to go through this whole mess.  It appears whatever Python
>uses is compatible, but stating the poly by itself doesn't mean anything.
>Somehow, depending on how the numbers are massaged, the old code based on
>$EDB88320 is compatible with what the above site documents as $04C11DB7.

Did you notice that those two numbers are mirror images of each other?
Could just be a difference in interpretation.
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