AOP use cases

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Apr 17 08:31:17 CEST 2004

Joe Mason wrote:
> In article <35qdnT4kNsX1kB3dRVn-gg at>, Peter Hansen wrote:
>>The logging example is okay, yes, but another problem I have
>>with it is that it's very development-oriented.  It doesn't
>>do anything directly for the user in terms of helping implement
>>user functionality.  Same goes for the contract aspect, which
> It does if generating usage reports is a user requirement.  Call logging
> in a telephony app, for instance.

Sorry, but that doesn't fly.  That's a clearly separate function
that should have a simple, single call somewhere in the application.

The AOP logging example is talking about a "cross-cutting concern"
(did I get that right?) where one wants to log *all method calls*
in an object.  It's a developer tool, not something that you would
use for call logging.

And even if it were, I'm still looking for real-world examples, not
hypothetical ones.


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