Going the PL/1 way

Miklós nospam at nowhere.hu
Sat Aug 7 21:08:48 CEST 2004

Ok, seems like we have @decorators. It's a nice tribute to Intercal.  But
I'd prefer #decorators.

We have metaclasses for pleasure brain-melting. We have generators,
new-style classes and old-style classes. Lambdas are wonderful.
We do need real interfaces, not abused classes.  Python still needs to have
inlined functions, macros and templates. Operator overloading is not enough,
one should be able to introduce new ones freely. There's a heavy demand for
terciary comparisons. Why don't we have a 'case' statement and 'do... repeat
We cannot do without general closures, of course.  Hm, automatic garbage
collection is sometimes fine but explicite memory allocation/deallocation is
really unavoidable for efficient programs.
Wait, pointers are a must! Static typing should have been introduced a long
time ago. You just cannot do without absolute address variables.

Yes, I'm thorougly annoyed with creeping featurism.


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