Klingon (was Re: RELEASED Python 2.4, alpha 2)

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Mon Aug 9 13:06:36 CEST 2004

Alan Anderson wrote:
> The usual quote is from a 1996 issue of Wired magazine:  "All the
> fluent Klingon speakers can comfortably go out to dinner together." 

That's not the quote I heard, but it's not particularly important
what I actually heard as you have more factual and current info.

> There are no official counts of who speaks Klingon at various levels
> of fluency. The Klingon Language Institute does offer certification
> testing, though not everyone who speaks Klingon has had both the
> desire and opportunity to take such a test. If you're still
> interested, I might be able to find out how many people have passed
> each "rank".

No need to do that.  Counts of those who speak a spoken language,
much as with counts of those who use a given computer language,
have very little meaning.  It's enough to know that you and a
large handful (for the hands of some appropriate alien species ;-)
of others do speak it well.  Thanks for the correction.


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