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Blaktyger blaktyger at
Thu Aug 12 03:47:33 CEST 2004


I'm trying to set up a web page where users can upload their pictures.
I wrote a python script witch allows users to preview the pictures
posted to the database. Problem  is that under Mozilla Firefox, the
images are not displayed.

This is the script I wrote:

print 'Content-Type: text/html\n\n'
import blakHtml, sys, cgi, urllib
sys.stderr = sys.stdout

1 if not prevSt.has_key('nbOfPic'):
2     print 'blah blah!'
3 else:
4    nbOfPic2=prevSt['nbOfPic'].value


6 header=prevPg.htmlHeader('Picture Preview')
7 beginTable=prevPg.tableTag()
8 p=0

9 nbOfLine=0
10 addLine=' '
11 for picLinked in range(int(nbOfPic2)):
12     p=p+1
13     exec("""if not prevSt.has_key('pin_nb_%s'):
14     pass
15 else:
16     addLine=addLine +'<img border="0" src="
'+prevSt['pin_nb_%s'].value+'" 17 width="204" height="152"> 
18     nbOfLine=nbOfLine+1
19     if nbOfLine==5: 
20         nbOfLine=0
21         addLine=addLine+'<br>' """)%(p,p,p)
22 print header+addLine+prevPg.htmlFooter()

line 6 generates the web page title
the loop check for non-null cgi values and creates the corresponding
<img> tag

Link to webpage


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