Call for Grant Proposals

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Wed Aug 4 01:59:01 CEST 2004

[Maurice Ling]
> ...
> The crucial issues here are in my other questions that everyone
> convienently forgot, such as, what constitutes complete failure or
> partial failure of the project? Is not delivering a single deliverable
> account for complete failure? And what are the penalties?

Nobody on comp.lang.python can answer those questions, no matter how
often they're repeated, and for the obvious reason:  comp.lang.python
doesn't adminster the grant program.  Nobody here is competent to
answer them.  Only the grant committee can.

As has already been explained too, the grant program is just starting,
and has no procedures in place.  All questions are brand new.  They
have no canned answers to give you, and it takes significant time and
effort to define everything to the level of detail you seem to want. 
There's nothing wrong with wanting that.  It does seem peculiar to
belabor it in an irrelevant forum, though.

> I can't imagine that if you had been granted a grant for an open sourced
> development in python and was not told way in advanced that a delay in
> delivering a deliverable will result in you being forfeited the rest of
> the grant money and will have to pay back 150% of all the money you had
> received from the grant, until you had accepted the grant and working on
> the project?

I'm not sure I can parse that, but to the extent that I think I can, I
also find it unimaginable.  If you're going to presume that common
sense and good will are absent, I'm not sure the PSF can afford all
the lawyer time it would take to draft a grant agreement you can live
with <frown>.

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