Newbie: pywin problem

Martin DeMello martindemello at
Tue Aug 3 07:56:52 CEST 2004

Tom B. <sbabbitt at> wrote:
> I would try wxPython at  they have a wrapper for
> scintilla and are it is much more Pythonic.

I know :-/ I got a wxPython example up and running in under half an
hour, but I'm hoping to integrate this with a C++/MFC app and have the
python windows open within the main C++ app (MDI style).

> You probably need to do a
> somename = view.CreateWindow(fr)
> somename.Show(1)
> to get your current app to work, but Win32Ui is kinda funny.

Nope, didn't work either, and 'somename' appears to be null


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