Book Recommendation

Paul Rubin http
Wed Aug 25 03:12:06 CEST 2004

Anthony Greene <sysfault at> writes:
> I'm new to programming entirely, and I'm simply looking for some insight,
> can you guys recommend some introductory documentation for me to read, and
> what I read, and, do concurrently why reading the primary "book" ou guys
> recommend. Thanks, and any advice is great appreciated.

Kind of hard to say.  Depends on your general experience level, e.g.
how much math do you know?  Some other people have suggested good
books about Python, but those don't say so much about programming in
general.  For that, you may need to look to other kinds of books.  I
really liked "Software Tools", by Kernighan and Plauger, but it's
about a billion years out of date by now.

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