Generators versus Coroutines

Timothy Fitz firemoth at
Mon Aug 16 06:53:42 CEST 2004

> For general coroutines it would have been.  For Simple Generators (the
> PEP's title) I think it was the right decision -- "simple" isn't
> consistent with piling on gimmicks.
> If you want to change it, write a new PEP.

Hmm, I do agree in the context of "Simple Generators" yield implying
None would not make sense and (as shown by the fact that nobody else
seems to care) is a good parse-time error facility.

Is there, then, demand for full on Coroutines? I will live having to
type those extra four letters, or maybe I'll cop out and yield 0 (hah)
but it seems other people are used to coroutines in other languages
(python is my first and only) and there might be demand.

(Also, my first post on Usenet, ever, and in under two hours I get a
respond from someone whose name I recognize on sight... I am

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