Databases: Getting values by column name

Istvan Albert ialbert at
Wed Aug 18 16:48:07 CEST 2004

Robert Ferber wrote:

>>As other pointed out you have everything you need, using at:
> Of course I looked at that webpage, but if I'm not mistaken, mx.ODBC.Windows
> is only available on Windows which makes it useless for me, I can not find
> a ODBC Package for my Linux distribution and the webpage doesn't give the
> slightest hint what the package name is (which probably would make
> searching for it too easy) or where to get it.

The module is database independent and will work with just
about all database connectors.

The fact that the example uses mx.ODBC.Windows is completely
irrelevant it will work the same way with every other connector.

 > I didn't know that the Python-community was infested by so much
 > Microsoft-only code. Both of your hints seem to be Win-only. And it's
 >" Alpha quality".

Heh, while I would agree that the formatting on the page
is both slightly misleading and does not visually separate the
different downloads well, you'd save yourself a lot of aggravation
just by spending a little more time on each of these pages.

The module that I (and others) talked about is called db_row and
is located right above the on one you talk about (the windows
specific database *driver*).


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