simple compiled languages?

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>> > Turbo Pascal. I used to think it was great in 1983. :)
>> Yeah, they never released the source code though.  I should have added
>> that as a qualification.
>> BDS C was released, by the way, but it's written entirely in 8080
>> assembler.
>Ah, yes. "Brain Dead Software". Great name. lol

"Brain Damage" software, actually. A Tribute to Dark Side of the Moon, sort
of the official album of the dorm I'd been living in shortly before writing

In case anyone's interested, this is the home page for it these days:

I really have to find some time to learn Python. My 12-year-old daughter
asked me about the difference between C, C++, Java and Python the other
day. I tried to explain it as best I could, and she then said she wanted to
learn Python. I gave her the book and asked her to teach it to *me* after
she figured it out ;-)

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