age of Python programmers

Lucas Raab pythongnome at
Wed Aug 18 14:51:29 CEST 2004

I myself am only 14. I've been programming for two years with Python. I've
tried C++, but found it a pain in the area that Preparation H fixes. I got
started programming with Python as a result of a 4-H computer science
project. I was looking for a free, easy to learn language and happily found
it with Python. I'm currently interested in the network-centered areas of

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> Most Python programmers I know are 40+. I am myself 47 (born in december
> 1956).
> regards Gerrit
> P.S.,
> how many teeners are still programming? Most teeners I know build
> websites, but they don't program.
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> Gaudi systems architecting:
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