PHP Documentation

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 30 15:30:39 CEST 2004

Guyon Morée wrote:

> hi, I've been working with PHP lately and what I found is that the docs are
> awesome, as is the python are python docs btw. but one thing that I really
> like about theirs is the doc-commenting system it has.
> any user can comment on any page in the docs. this results in a lot of
> clarifications and examples for the subjects at hand.
> is it an idea to implement this in the python docs?
> i believe it's a good idea what are your thoughts?

This comes up every month or three in this newsgroup and I think
I can summarize the comments of others by saying two things:

1) Thinking it's a good idea isn't enough if you want it: somebody
    has to implement it.  It's been suggested before, so at this
    point the next step is for someone who likes the idea enough
    to just do it.

2) Many people think that the noise created by lots of user
    comments would far outweigh the value of the good comments
    that might be hidden somewhere within.


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