Finding all time periods for a given interval within a date range

Robert Brewer fumanchu at
Wed Aug 4 19:09:14 CEST 2004

Graeme Longman wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone has written some Python code which 
> uses a start
> date and end date and a given interval (day, month or year) 
> and outputs all
> the time periods for that range and interval.
> For example you may wish to find all the months between the dates
> '2004-02-14' and '2004-08-04'. You would maybe use a function 
> where you pass
> in those starting and ending dates and the interval 'month' 
> and you'd get
> back a list of those months. I guess you would need to year 
> part of the date
> too, so ['2004-02', '2004-03', '2004-04', '2004-05', 
> '2004-06', '2004-07',
> '2004-08']. If you had passed in 'day' as the interval then 
> you would be
> given back a list of all the days in those months.

Look at my 'recur' module and see if it fits your requirements:

Start with the Recurrence class and play with it--then dig deeper if you
need to.


Robert Brewer
Amor Ministries
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