Python indentation deters newbies?

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 16 23:22:36 CEST 2004

Paramjit Oberoi wrote:

>>>It seems to me that you're asking for a rational explanation
>>>for an emotional response.  It's like asking somebody "*why*
>>>don't you like pickled beets?" The answer you get is "I just
>>Hmm... not for me.  The answer would be "because they
>>taste like dirt", or "I hate purple", or "anything pickled
>>sucks".  "I just don't" looks a lot like a cop-out.  If
> That's what you would say, but who knows whether that answer would be
> correct?  It could be that you are simply not comfortable with answers
> like "I just don't" which go beyond logic, and thus your brain
> manufactures reasonable logical reasons when needed.  "I don't know" may
> actually be a more honest response than whatever logical response is
> offered.

If this had much to do with Python at this point, I might respond
that it's easy to verify whether such a logical answer is in fact
correct.  For example, serve up some pickled beets that don't taste
like dirt, or die them yellow.  If I like them, then it is highly
likely that I was in fact correct about my guess/logical answer...

But really, is there much point in a meta-discussion about
psychology, emotions, and the ways our brains trick ourselves?
Or are you just looking for an argument? :-)


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