Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 17 06:19:07 CEST 2004

simo wrote:

> There's a few libraries for making SVG files in PHP, so there may be
> Python versions too, but if you want ActionScript then I guess you're
> determined to go with Flash instead.....

I just stumbled over the following text in this page 

'''Now some developers might say: "Big deal, who cares about Flash
    animations ?" Well, as it turns out - quite a lot of folks in the
    software business. First, Adobe has thrown in the towel on SVG and
    adopted Flash's .SWF file format for animations as has just about
    every other major player in the graphics, 3D modeling and image
    design fields.

Adobe has thrown in the towel on SVG?!  When did that happen?
I can't find another reference to the news that inspired this

On another note: comparing Flash and SVG:


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