My only complaint about Python

Gisle Vanem giva at
Thu Aug 19 22:46:21 CEST 2004

"John Hunter" wrote:

> Your paths may vary...
>     copy c:\windows\system32\python23.dll .
>     c:\progra~1\pexports-0.42h\bin\pexports python23.dll > python23.def
>     c:\MinGW\bin\dlltool --dllname python23.dll --def python23.def --output-lib libpython23.a
>     copy libpython23.a c:\python23\libs
>     del python23.dll
>     del libpython23.a

Shouldn't that be "libpython23.dll.a" as per normal conventions
on MingW? I.e. a static lib would be "libpython23.a". But I guess
that's impossible or impractical.


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