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Reid Nichol rnichol_rrc at
Sat Aug 21 19:54:46 CEST 2004

> from which we conclude that "check the definition" means "check the
> definition in the dictionary *I* prefer. . .AND stop reading before it
> contradicts the position I espouse."
> Look, given the use of "quantum" in quantum physics it's reasonable to
> expect the word to mean something small - but insisting it must do so
> is flat-out wrong.  For one thing this isn't Gell-Mann appropriating a
> nonsense word - "quark" - from Joyce; "quantum" was a perfectly good
> English word before Planck applied it to black-body radiation.  The OED
> has references going back to 1619 as a synonym for quantity.  (It even
> has a use in pharmacology - "quant. suff!", famously chanted in Alfred
> Bester's /The Stars My Destination/, is an abbreviation of "quantum
> sufficit," roughly "as much as necessary.)

I have my opinion, you have yours.  Why get your pantyhose in a bunch. 
I made mention of my reasoning that you didn't touch on, you just got 
agressive straight away... why am I replying?

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