J2 paper 0.2.1

Colin J. Williams cjw at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 23 13:33:55 CEST 2004

Congratulations.  This is an impressive piece of work, done in a short time.

I prefer this proposal to the existing implementation.

I hope that someone will prepare as thoughful a piece on one of the C 
options.  I would prefer C2 with uses as the keyword.

Since the 'decorator' is a modifier, it would make better sense for the 
modification to come after one has identified what is to be modified.

One nit picking comment on Robert Brewer's document: An annotation is a 
transformation of a function, as a change to the flow of control is.

Colin W.

Robert Brewer wrote:

> The first draft of the J2 proposal is ready. You can read it here:
> http://www.aminus.org/rbre/python/pydec.html
> At this point, I am looking for comments regarding the proposal. Once I
> believe I have addressed a sufficient number of concerns, I will freeze
> the document and call for signatories, both for and against, then send
> it to Guido. Until that time, expect the draft to change multiple times
> each day (there's a meta tag with the version number if you care to
> check).
> In this thread, please do not introduce discussions regarding syntaxes
> other than J2 and A1. Limit your comments to the three arguments,
> literary critique, and praise for Mr. Sparks who is providing the
> implementation. Oh, and somebody let me know if you rampaging lot crush
> my little server. ;)
> Robert Brewer
> Amor Ministries
> fumanchu at amor.org

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