Secure storage for passwords for admin scripts?

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Wed Aug 11 22:41:26 CEST 2004

"Roger Upole" <rupole at> writes:

> You could store the passwords in a file protected by NTFS encryption,
> or set the file security to only allow administrators access.
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> > I have a collection of system admin scripts (on Win 2k) that I would
> > like to automate the execution of. However, some of them require the
> > use of logins with admin rights, and would therefore prefer not to
> > store the IDs in the clear text of the source. If memory serves
> > correctly, the "compiled" .pyc files do not provide much security in
> > this area.
> >
> > Are there are recommended methods for supplying scripts with login
> > information in a secure fashion?

Consider using ssh-agent.  See "SSH The Secure Shell" from O'Reilly,
chapter on "Case Studies ... Unattended SSH: batch or cron".

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