'break' Causes Execution of Procedure?

Scott Brady Drummonds scott.b.drummonds.nospam at intel.com
Wed Aug 11 19:32:21 CEST 2004

"Scott Brady Drummonds" <scott.b.drummonds.nospam at intel.com> wrote in
message news:cfdif9$hhm$1 at news01.intel.com...
> How is it possible that the call to 'break' is seemingly being replaced
> a call to 'main'?

I should also point out that the second time that the program's execution
reaches the 'break' statement in the 'main' procedure, I get the following
cryptic error message:

DEBUG: advancing both simulators to 20178
DEBUG: encountered EOFError; breaking loop
XXX lineno: 109, opcode: 0
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "test.py", line 135, in ?
  File "test.py", line 109, in main
SystemError: unknown opcode

What's going on here?


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