Python secure?

Grant Edwards grante at
Mon Aug 16 03:12:18 CEST 2004

On 2004-08-15, Roger Binns <rogerb at> wrote:

>>> Yes.  Anyone who recovers your "code" and/or uses it will be
>>> in violation of copyright and several other laws.  That is
>>> legal protection no matter what languages or combination of
>>> languages you use.
>> I assume you are talking about reverse engineering.  If so,
>> that just depends on that particular countries laws.  Some
>> allow and some don't.
> The "uses it" bit is what is important.  Even in the European
> Union where reverse engineering is legal, it is only legal for
> the purpose of interoperability and where the original vendor
> provides no suitable other means of doing the
> interoperability.
> Anyone just taking your code, or even recovered code and then redistributing
> it

Ah.  Nobody said the decompiled code would be redistributed.
Distributing copies (decompiled or otherwised) is covered by
copyright law.  Decompiling is not.

> falls fowl of copyright laws (unless of course you GPL it :-)

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