A newbie in need....

Tom B. sbabbitt at commspeed.net
Fri Aug 27 03:12:03 CEST 2004

"Chris Patton" <chrispatton at gmail.com> wrote in message
news:9c3edc58.0408261609.6640e400 at posting.google.com...
> Hey everybody. I'm trying to make a program that requires a 2D field
> to run. Besides "curses" or "ncurses", is there a python module that
> will create a graph?
> --Thanks for the help!

I like DISLIN at http://www.linmpi.mpg.de/dislin/,

I've writen a Global Digital Evivation Data Viewer in wxPython that shows
good (In my opionion) examples of shade, contour and 3d plots. You can get a
copy at http://users.commspeed.net/tbabbitt/rbranch_strangness5.htm . (My
python page)


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