Downsampling streaming MP3s in Windows...

Clark Case clarkcase at
Wed Aug 4 19:34:48 CEST 2004

I've been playing around with Edna, which is a Python streaming MP3
server. My setup is a WindowsXP box with Python 2.3. I'd like to
downsample my high bitrate files, and based on some suggestions I
found on the Edna mailing list, I replaced the line where the MP3 was
being opened with the following line:

f = win32pipe.popen('c:\lame\lame --mp3input -f -b 64 "' + fullpath +
'" -', 'r')

where "fullpath" contains the path to the MP3 file. When try to listen
to the results through WinAmp, the stream seems to buffer up, but then
I get a few seconds of choppy noise and then nothing.

Do I need to somehow buffer the pipe on the server side? Any
suggestions would be appreciated.


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