My only complaint about Python

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Sat Aug 21 11:42:23 CEST 2004

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> no cost is not the same as free
> Klaus Schilling

I really shouldn't, but... Klaus, it *is* the same, for one of the two
perfectly good definitions of the word "free" in the English language.

Actually, I regards gcc as equivalent to the free VC++ in *some* respects
(waits for the gasp of horror to die away).  If I need a compiler for
something, I'll be looking to download one.  If there's a problem with it,
then frankly it makes no odds to me whether I have the source code or not -
for all practical purposes I am *not* going to start hacking around with the
compiler source to fix problems.  It's not a task for which I have either
enthusiasm or time (and seeing how long it is since I was involved in
anything that low-level in C, I probably don't have the skills any more).

What's needed (in my extremely humble opinion) is a way to build what I need
to, using a compiler suite that I can go and get without having to spend any
money.  Philosophy is fine, but I dislike having an FSF agenda pushed on me
as much as I dislike a Redmond agenda.  I just want to get on with my job
(or in this case, pursue my own interests).

Anyway, having said all that, and in a vain attempt to drag this topic back
to something more directly Pythonic: something that I have always admired
about the Python "community" (or approach) is that those of us who, for one
reason or another, use Windows have access to pretty much the same suites of
tools and addons as those who use Unix.  Zealotry and prejudice against
people on the basis of their operating system choice is not a pretty sight,
and I appreciate the general lack of it amongst Pythonistas.

Now I shall put on my tin hat and hide. :)


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