100 % portable ?

Vent d'Est - East Wind po-yung.liu at pandora.be
Wed Aug 25 21:12:43 CEST 2004

> I think you've missed the point of wxWidgets/wxPython: it uses native
> widgets on each platform. On OS X, it uses Aqua widgets; on Linux, QT
> or GTK, on Windows, native Windows widgets.
> So, you're not going to get the same appearence on different
> platforms (which is a good thing; I don't want to use something that
> looks like Windows on a Mac).

yeah i like it too Acqua style , but what i didn't understand before
it s how it can be do that (my point of view was like a java vm , so 
that s why i think it s same apparence in other system too)
now i visited wxwidget , explanation simple and interresting :)
just what i search , graphical toolkit native on different plateforme
supporting same code :)

thankxx a lot

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