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Eric Brunel eric_brunel at despammed.com
Tue Aug 31 15:50:47 CEST 2004

Gandalf wrote:
> Somebody sent me a private e-mail.
> It must be common for such silly questions that would just spam the 
> list. :-)
> I'll write down the final solution anyway.
> def getmethod(name):
>    methodList = [e for e in dir(self) if callable(getattr(self, e))]
>    if name in methodList:
>       return getattr(self,name)
>    else:
>       return None

And why not:

def getmethod(obj, name):
   meth = getattr(obj, name)
   if callable(meth):
     return meth
     return None


Why do you use a list comprehension to get the names of all methods on the object?
In addition, it won't work for class instances:

 >>> class C:
...   def m(self):
...     print 'spam'
 >>> o = C()
 >>> dir(o)


 >>> getattr(o, 'm')
<method C.m of C instance at 0x821433c>

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