python cgi speedup on iis

Gilles Lenfant gilles.lenfant at
Fri Aug 20 20:41:16 CEST 2004

Charlie Taylor a écrit :

> I'm looking for advice on how to speed up python cgi on Windows IIS without
> going to an application server like Zope/WebWare/CherryPy/etc (i.e. I have
> existing cgi scripts).
> mod_python seems like a good solution for Apache, is there something
> comparable for IIS?
> I notice that ASP scripts run an asp.dll which I believe becomes memory
> resident to speed up VBScript execution.
> Is there any work on a python.dll anywhere?
> Thanks,
> ct

Use the excellent pywin32

Look at the help in the "ASP and Python" section that shows how to 
register Python as ASP engine. You can the build ASP pages like this...

<%@ language =Python%>

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