Alternative decorator syntax - POLL RESULTS SO FAR - ARE WE DONE?

Arthur ajsiegel at
Sun Aug 22 16:57:47 CEST 2004

On Sun, 22 Aug 2004 08:07:53 -0500, Doug Holton <insert at>

>Paul McGuire wrote:
>> Total voters: 55 
>> Of all of the votes cast, J2
>> received 48%, C1 received 18%.  No other option received more than 10% of
>> any votes.
>I vote 3 times for C1.  So just my one vote raises C1 to 20%.  I think 
>you need to do an online poll so you get more people than just those who 
>have been discussing the decorator keyword here this past week.  I got 
>over 250 votes for C1 just last week vs. the 22 who voted for J2 here.
>During this 2nd poll people were confused about whether they could vote 
>for A1 or not, and some people said many of the options on the wiki page 
>were not allowed anymore.

I think it should also be noted in the report of the voting results
that the a vote for "no new syntax at this time" was specifically

As a side point:

It seems ironic to me that in a group devoted to an appreciation of
Python, and its advocacy - it is often those who reject the notion
that the language has the kinds of glaring weaknesses that require
some fundamental change ot it, that form the opposition to an
"establishment" that has become convinced quite otherwise.

I sometimes wish those folks were more candid about its deficiencies
before I started my study of it back in 1.5.2 days.


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