allowing braces around suites

Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetilho at
Sat Aug 28 03:20:13 CEST 2004

[Paul McGuire]:
>   As far as Python goes, I think bracelessness is one of its
>   defining features; if some day braces were to get included in
>   Python a la C or Java, then it will cease to be Python.

I find this attitude a little defensive.  Python has much more to
offer than just strict indentation.  although it's probably the
feature you notice first, it's not enough to make Python a superior
language.  after all, code in _any_ language written by a professional
will have strict indentation.  so it's just syntax.  the true
strengths of Python include its exception system, its class model and
instrospection.  it's a very flexible language, you can construct
classes on the fly, implement your own private attributes etc. etc.
combine this with a comprehensive library for doing many common tasks,
and you'll see the strength of Python, a strength no other scripting
language offers.

(I have to point out that my braces suggestion is _not_ a la C or
Java, since strict indentation is still required for every line of
code in the program.)
Kjetil T.

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