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Tue Aug 24 00:52:33 CEST 2004

David Fraser <davidf at> wrote in message news:<cevpef$bku$1 at>...
> Zeljko Vrba wrote:

> > And most important thing, how does Python deal with database connectivity?
> > Is there a single API (akin to DBI) for connecting to databases?

> I have used Oracle, SQLServer and Access via ADO - try 
> which is a wrapper for ADO to the Python DB-API.
> But note that you may well not be able to use any of this database stuff 
> from IronPython

Assuming you find yourself working with .NET -- as you would with
IronPython -- I would expect it to have access to the stock database
namespaces under whatever environment you're in: under MS's
implementation of .NET, System.Data.* (same under Mono?).  This would
be the most likely line, since there's a lot of prior work in .NET
that targets that namespace, including UI controls.

For documentation, search for "ADO.NET".  It's actually a pretty good
framework, and doesn't require a database connection to make use of it
(ie, you want an in-memory database, but don't need persistent

I don't know what Jim's planning to do with the Python db api, but
between the two, I'd personally use ADO.NET when available.  I'd
suggest the IronPython email list ( for more

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