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Hello M

>From the python tutorial:
"Another useful data type built into Python is the dictionary. 
Dictionaries are sometimes found in other languages as ``associative 
memories'' or ``associative arrays''. Unlike sequences, which are indexed 
by a range of numbers, dictionaries are indexed by keys, which can be any 
immutable type; strings and numbers can always be keys. Tuples can be used 
as keys if they contain only strings, numbers, or tuples; if a tuple 
contains any mutable object either directly or indirectly, it cannot be 
used as a key. You can't use lists as keys, since lists can be modified in 
place using their append() and extend() methods, as well as slice and 
indexed assignments. "

I understand this to mean that your  code will not work becuase you are 
using a list (mutable) as a key

sounds as though it will work if you change 



('Bob', 'One')

I have not tested it, but I  suspect that will work


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Just a quick one. I'm trying to call [Bob','One'] with this, but I keep
getting 'unhashable'. I've tried various ' " and [ and can't get the thing
to work. Any offers?




from random import *

Name_Number = xrange(int(raw_input("Choose number of Names (1-20)? ")))

state = [None,None]

nextName = {['Bob','One']:['Rita','Sue'],\

Name_List = []

tmp = choice((['Bob','One'],'Rita','Sue','Mary'))

for x in Name_Number:
    print state
    while tmp in state[0:2]:
        tmp = choice(nextName[Name_List[-1]])
    print tmp, ", ",
    print "Name ",x+1," is ", tmp
    state[x%2] = tmp

    print Name_List



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