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Daniel Yoo dyoo at
Tue Aug 17 02:47:27 CEST 2004

Vent d'Est - East Wind <po-yung.liu at> wrote:
: Can somebody tell me what s exactly the difference beetween scheme and 
: python languages

: i m thiking to learn one of them but i m not sure wich one

: somebody told me python is better and have much library
: somebody told me scheme is much smarter and have nice structure


What programming language experience do you already have?

If you're looking for Scheme learning resources, you may want to look
at the PLT web site:

In particular, the Scheme folks have written a few books for learning
the language; the link above has an online version of "How to Design
Programs", which is an excellent book.  Another great book whose
implementation language is Scheme is "The Structure And Interpretation
of Computer Programs":

On the Python side, you may want to look at:

If you are a beginner to programming, visit:

which includes links to introductory programming tutorials.

: i also see a project about a scheme/python implementation
: here is the url
: i m not sure what s really but seems cool if someone know more about it 
:  or have some concrete exemple  it can be more understable

If you are interested in the other direction, I have a weak Scheme
interpreter that's written in Python:

It's not perfect (and frankly, is a little outdated!), but it's a
proof-of-concept that one language can model the other.

Personally, I like both languages, so my advice would be to look at
them both.  (But perhaps not at the same time...  *grin*)

Good luck to you!

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