Quixote vs. Preppy

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Thu Aug 5 23:33:43 CEST 2004

Bruce Eckel wrote:

> I'm looking for something "closer to Python" to develop certain types
> of web systems (rather than going away, forgetting, then coming back
> and struggling with the Z-shaped learning curve for anything more than
> trivial things in Zope). Based on the Quixote presentation at Pycon,
> that looks quite interesting ("web development as if you were a Python
> programmer"), but someone also suggested Preppy from Reportlabs:
> http://www.reportlab.org/preppy.html
> Can anyone compare/contrast these? Thanks.

If all you want is a templating system (Preppy is more of a templating
system, not a Web framework), there's also EmPy:


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