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Hello all

 Decided to try and teach myself Python again for my 1st language, after
having a look at perl again and a few others and finally deciding that if I
was ever going to fully teach myself a language it would be Python that
would be the one I could adapt to the quickest and easiest.  = Basically
meaning the syntax seems to really settle well in my brain, more so than any
of the other languages :)

Anyway first things first, I bought The Python Cookbook for a RW reference
and something python related to read in the rw and bounce ideas from.

Then I cam to wanting a download of the language, and I had the choice of
two distros, Activestates ActivePython and the Python websites original
Python distribution.

My question is this really, what is the python websites original Python
distribution missing that ActiveStates has.
And also vice versa - seen as how the Activestates distribution is lagging
behind the python websites distribution by a release or two.
ActivePython = ActivePython-2.3.2-232-win32-ix86.msi size = 16,687KB
Python webiste distribution = Python-2.3.4.exe size = 9,658 KB

So what's missing out of the Python distro that is in Activestates distro?
And vice versa the other way?

Thanks in advance

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